Month: January 2019

  • World War 2 Bunkers

    Last night we went to a show in a 50 year old WWII bunker called Hulen. It was fun but I was glad I had ear plugs with me. The bands where great & the beer was cheap. I fell asleep sometime between 2-3am, it was a late night but it was fun!! Fun because […]

  • Plastic bag life

    So, this week has been full of stress & today on the bus I saw a man living out of plastic bags. Once you end up living that way it’s hard to go back to a functional life. Speaking of plastic bags, we get them so few times a week we run out at our […]

  • Dingy mattress

    It’s been an interesting week so far but something struck a nerve. Maybe it’s that we have a new bed or maybe it was a phone call. Either way it’s sad to think how little progress some people make. In high school I had two lifelines that saved my life. Those didn’t include my parents […]