Month: October 2018

  • forfeiting of something green

    So, this has been a hell of week, with the new house & me forfeiting something green. Sometimes you just have to forfeit in order to move forward & I feel that’s what I did. It was a hard decision but it weight down by what was going to happen with my hubby’s job I […]

  • new house.

    So, we got a new place to put our heads & I am super excited. Finally, getting off one of the worst buses in the city but also because I don’t have to worry about Flekk barking when he hears anyone in the hall. The only down side is that our current landlord is showing […]

  • hazelNut

    Maybe you really like hazelnut syrup in your coffee but for me it reminds me of when I was sodomized in my early 20’s. This weekend my hubby & I have talked about my life in the early 20’s & the trauma I have survived. It was a tough conversation but a productive one. In […]