Month: July 2018

  • burn out

    So, here I am in the thick of Summer & over the next coming days the tempreture will rise to 80 degrees. Yuck. I sat at my favorite cafe today & observed a family just stagnate, with no good reason. They really took their time! The city is still over run by zombies. Many too […]

  • why Patrick Melrose matters

    I just finished watching the HBO series Patrick Melrose, a very harsh & great show. From the dungeon that is child abuse to the redemption of Patrick. The show shows just how damaging child abuse is & how it follows children to adults & their problems only get worse with age until they seek psychitatric […]

  • the launch

    So, it’s a few weeks till I have my book launch in Norway, I even have a band that will play at the beginning & at the end. So psyched. My hubby also got really good news this week so we can focus on staying in Norway. My BF came & visited & we had […]