Month: June 2018

  • Tourist season

    I know I have written about the selfie stick movement in this blog; not that long ago. But you know it’s bad when other regulars who frequent my cafe come in bitchin’ about how the tourists are ruining it for the locals. Something I have thought for a while now. I think the biggest problem […]

  • why i am going back to brick and mortar

    I recently purchased a dress I was super excited about from Patagonia; the design & dress was going to save a part of Hawai’i. Low & behold I ordered a shirt for my husband that fits him just fine. However, after ordering 2 dresses in a size 12 I realized that there was a serious […]

  • reflecting on 100 years

    I just came back from the Arctic circle where we celebrated my grandmother’s 100 birthday! I can’t imagine living that long & experiencing everything she has. It was a family celebration & a majority of my family made it there expect a few cousins & distant family. She had gusto this year, celebrating for 2 […]