Month: May 2018

the land of selfie sticks

The Summer is upon us & the invasion of selfie sticks has come to our city. My husband & I did a simple walk today & at our destination there was almost all selfie sticks & down jackets because you need that in 20C weather. I found it almost comical the way people where walking…

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Tipping up Front

Spring is finally here!! There’s rain falling from the sky instead of snow & all the water fountains in the city have been turned on. A huge sign that Summer is on it’s way. I just got delivered some Kona & am relieved that I got it after the volcano errupted on Hawai’i. I went…

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So, I am starting with me, & being true to myself, something I think most women in relationships forget. If it wasn’t for my husband inspiring me I would never would have looked through over 10 years of poetry for my book. I am proud of Greylight & the poems I picked out for it.…

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