Month: April 2018

  • a new trail

    this week has been both sad & happy; my book came out this week on Amazon & to surprising feedback. I sat & ate lunch the other day & was fascinated by this old man swaying back & forth walking his dog down the street. The dog knew the trail so it was sweet to […]

  • Greylight

    So it begins my world as an author will be very real by the end of the week. My book is a compulation of 20 years worth of work. As I lived both on the East coast & Seattle it showcases both. Writing poetry & this blog has been essential for my mental & physical […]

  • London calling

    I spent a few days in London last week & had a blast there. The city is full of history which our own private guide showed us when we went on the Charles Dickens tour throughout central London’s northend. He manuevered us expertly out of a crowded area to a small one where we learned […]