plastic part deux

I have updated to a bamboo toothbrush & will be getting a wet shaver with an old fashioned razor blade this week getting rid of my plastic razors. It shaves closer & better than new razors, of course it ain’t cheap but plastic everywhere in our world is a simple choice.

Our sim cards are plastic & are disposable. Yet another plastic. I have been thinking about pens lately & that they are plastic. That is why I have bought refillable pens instead of the traditional one use. So, I am trying to better my habits.

I am also looking for shaving soap that doesn’t make me smell like a man, something that works when you wet shave. I am not a fan of aersol cans under pressure. I have found a great salt shampoo that does the job without releasing yucky stuff into the water system.

I am also trying to wash my hair less making sure it’s dirty when I do & using dry shampoo more regularly. I want to find a facial soap without parabens & toxins that washes my face without drying it out too much. Giving up plastic daily is hard but I think I can do it.

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