bitter cold Spring

so, we are now in Southern Norway & the sun doesn’t go down until 7pm at night. What’s on the ground, ice, snow & lots of sand. Spring. makes me miss Seattle & the 2 hour drives outside of the city to snow shoe. now, i can just walk out to my backyard & snow-ice.

last year i bought a pair of Birkenstocks in March & wasn’t able to wear them until late June. that’s when it stopped raining. weather has never really bothered me. Gray, bright it usually doesn’t do anything to my mood but walking on pure black ice a few weeks ago was not Fun.

it’s also the kind of ice you don’t see till your walking & begin slipping. a very unnerving feeling. there’s a saying in Norway that it’s not bad weather just bad clothes. something i agree with. however, on our walk today people were flocking to benches facing the sun. oh & it’s 30 degrees out plus minus a degree.

this week is supposed to be filled with rain & slush but it’s not supposed to freeze at night. i won’t believe that till i see it.

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