blogging awards…

so, here in Norway they have blogger awards & you’d think they would give to people to make a difference for women & minorities but No. it’s about how much you have done to your body & your face. no Natural beauties here. sad. there’s a major star from skam who said she would not attend the awards precisely because of that.

i think natural beauty is important in the age of fillers, & botox—plastic surgery. what i remember as a child from Norway has been turned on it’s head. something i find really sad. i live in a bigger city now and see so much fake eyelashes to too much fillers. what happened to accepting yourself for who you really are??

i have days where i don’t feel that pretty or that skinny but i don’t stop eating or binge eat to feel better or even better smoke to supress my hunger. something i see much of & it’s sad. however, i don’t hear about any bloggers here in Norway addressing this. because focusing on the perfection that is unattainable is more important.

the #metoo movement is still important but the fact that influential bloggers in Norway won’t focus on what is happening in society now but instead what is happening in Hollywood is truly sad. i get excited when i see women with their natural beauty i get excited & guys who appreciate a natural beauty in other women instead of porn star, Hollywood ideal out there.

it’s time we claimed natural beauty back and not the glass face without any wrinkles or smile lines. the same with our bodies-it’s not about how skinny you are it’s about accepting who you are regardless of body shape. accept being you. period.

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