#metoo matters

i was upset the other day when i sat in a cafe and heard two guys saying deplorable stuff about #metoo. they where close to my age so i expected empathy not deragetory things about women. as a survivor i view that kind of behavior with disgust. what i am survivor of doesn’t matter because #metoo is for women who have never been able to confront their attackers because of fear.

why, are so many women misusing this movement is beyond me?? it shows very little sympathy for other women who have survived. i think that what is happening is sad. #metoo isn’t about a bad date it’s about violence and blatant harassment. i mean something beyond whistling, deragetory comments about your face, body or what you are wearing. it’s not about what happened to aziz ansari who just had a bad date and a woman who obviously wanted to hurt him.

#metoo is about owning your past no matter how horrific it was and moving past it by being able to confront the attacker(s) and confronting them by getting your dignity back as woman. it’s about taking back something that your attacker took from you. the big hollywood stars that came out had a support system and i urge any woman with a support network to come forward and be empowered. carrying the shame of what happened is draining and can cause many issues. you matter no matter how long it has been. i hear your voice and you should stand up and use it.

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