Stranger Things 2

so why, you ask, am i writing about a netflix show? i find the writing and the cinematogrophy amazing as the special effects. i like the brilliant child actors in the show that figure out how to fight bad guys in the first season. Eleven is great as someone who was working for the bad guys in the first season to finding herself in the second.

as i am out of the US i found the cast of the show on an American talk show and they where adorable. i think the metaphor for the upside down is great, a dark, horrible place where you can get eaten by monsters. every child’s fear. this season it was filled with caves but also many other things. the upside down doesn’t really leave the characters after their experience but stays with them.

much like an old fashioned nightmare. you think about it for days until you realize that’s the only thing it was. what makes stranger things so great is that the adults created the monsters by some sick experiment and it wrecks havoc on the town and the kids. i found this season refreshing and gross at times but very good. sometimes the upside down is all someone knows and sometimes they get a flicker of light and a beacon of hope and everything changes. just like life.

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