Love Actually…

is one of my favorite movies around Christmas. it’s got all the right elements and a great cast. the element of love is through the entire movie from start to finish and what that love sometimes is and isn’t. for me the part that always makes me cry is when one of the main characters gets a cd instead of a necklace from her husband and it’s Joni Mitchell.

but i digress as usual. love actually came out in 2003 and all the elements that it brings up are still true today. the failed office romance, the bestfriend in love with his friends wife, the cheating husband and of course love at first sight. the cutest part of the movie is the two kids that have a crush on another. the father that tries to bring them together just in time for the holidays.

i was thrilled when i was flying back to Europe in October and my airline had it on the plane. i know the movie pretty much by heart but enjoyed seeing it again even though it was way before Christmas. love actually is like mac and cheese or a good blanket. it never gets old and it’s comforting. so if you haven’t seen it you should because love is actually all around.

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