why the peace prize still matters

the noble peace prize was handed out this week to ICAN a non-profit that has the right ideals and the right moral stand against one of the worlds biggest threats. nuclear arms. as ICAN says they are a relic and should be eliminated. something that is way over due. the surge in bunker building around the world is any indication that there are real threats.

but we all know this if the media is any indication. so let’s get back to the Noble Peace Prize. last year it was called a relic and outdated now it’s back in the spotlight and the world is paying attention.

i think it’s sad that everyone has a small screen they look at everywhere. no wonder the world is in the state it’s in today. global warming has been happening for the past 25 years and now the damage is showing because we couldn’t give up hairspray and CFC’s in the 80’s and 90’s. the ozone was shrinking and now we have fires in California in the winter, islands in the carribean are shredded by storms and they’re barely back on their feet.

we have 2 threats in today’s world, the relics old nuclear weapons and the new very real one global warming which is just as much of a threat. we need to take a stand for our planet. before it’s too late.

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