my annual gratefulness letter. this year i am grateful for many different things. that i live with my wonderful husband & dog. the last year has been one of big transitions but i think we came out with our heads in the right place. moving across the globe last year took guts & i am forever grateful that my husband wanted to do it.

i am thankful for my close friends that kept me sane when i was living alone for 4 months this past winter into spring. the weekly skype sessions kept me grounded & sane. i lived above the artic circle from february to june by myself & think i did a pretty good job. my dog kept me warm during the cold winter nights & we celebrated each weekend by going for a long walk.

i am also grateful for my husband who is urging me publish my poems something i haven’t dared do till now. so, i am working on my un-corrected proof & hope that someone likes it. it’s the creative side that i have not always had in the forefront but will now.

for the kind people we have met as we moved across norway from the north to the south that has kept our little sweetie sane with long walks & treats. we couldn’t have done any of it without you so for that we are grateful.

& last but not least our respective parents that worry about us from time to time & bug us to do more things in our new city. that’s why i am not shopping on black friday but hanging out with the dog.

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