the championship

the UCI championship came to Bergen & i was lucky enough to volunteer for it. which was a blessing & a curse. on one side i got to meet the PM of Norway on the other i was lucky if i got to go to the bathroom more than twice in one day.

i think the take away was that they didn’t have enough of us volunteers so we where stretched pretty thin for the duration of the week. something that was sad because the people that i worked under where also over-worked & tired.

the dress code confused me, for the week i got a jacket(great!) & ONE t-shirt & a bulky backpack that was hard to manuever with when i was dealing with the public. the t-shirt was great but they where unclear what we could wear as a bottom piece, jeans where okay but for the duration of the week i wore hiking pants that where black.

we where given radio’s but no one but the main people used them us small people communicated by cell phone to our boss by text or voice. we got complaints & people where for the most part good both to us & the other volunteers.

i think for me what would have made it better was if we volunteers got actual silver wear & real plates after 9-12 hours worth of work instead of paper plates & fancy slop. i was not impressed with our food choices or how it was served. so i ate at home & brought my lunch when i worked out in the field.

the streets have been re-opened & there is an exhaustion in the city but i am proud of the work i did it was the second big sporting event i did after the 94 Olympics. this was pretty epic.

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