i was thinking about that today. how people have to listen to music or the radio when outside. i listened to the leaves rustling today & it was wonderful sign of Fall. the steps of people walking around the city, the different accents & countries gathered for the championship here in Bergen. i can’t write much more because we have a social media black out for the next week.

i have come to enjoy silence even though it took me many years to do so. but when i have to get somewhere i listen to music. when i have the time i just enjoy listening to what’s happening.

silence is something i got used to when i was alone for 4 months. in the beginning it was uncomfortable like an itch i couldn’t scratch but in the end i liked it & got used to it. i enjoy hiking in the woods & mountains listening to the trees or the sound of my boots hitting the ground. it’s my version of a church.

see ya’ll on the flipside after the 24th.

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