hanging out

well, it’s sunday & we spent the usual way. slept in, made breakfast & hung some prints up in the living room. trying to make it more like home although it’s been a transition from small town to norway’s second largest city.

we went for a 3 hour hike behind our apartment yesterday, we got rained on but only briefly. when we left the city center however we where dosed to the bone. really good downpour that lasted a good hour & something.

no more of that spit i got to used to in Seattle, here it pours to the point that i need to invest in a new jacket. see ya gore tex. time to invest in a real raincoat.

i am working @ the bicycle champoinship in a few days & am really nervous. i have to get to one side of Bergen to the other in a 2 hours. i hope i can make it?

other than that the rest of the month looks busy. i just hope i get a chance to tell you how the championship was.

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