Month: September 2017

  • the championship

    the UCI championship came to Bergen & i was lucky enough to volunteer for it. which was a blessing & a curse. on one side i got to meet the PM of Norway on the other i was lucky if i got to go to the bathroom more than twice in one day. i think […]

  • silence

    i was thinking about that today. how people have to listen to music or the radio when outside. i listened to the leaves rustling today & it was wonderful sign of Fall. the steps of people walking around the city, the different accents & countries gathered for the championship here in Bergen. i can’t write […]

  • hanging out

    well, it’s sunday & we spent the usual way. slept in, made breakfast & hung some prints up in the living room. trying to make it more like home although it’s been a transition from small town to norway’s second largest city. we went for a 3 hour hike behind our apartment yesterday, we got […]