here comes the rain

we are on the move again. this time to a place i have never been. makes me nervous as i have settled into a routine above the Arctic circle. the Winter was long & summer lasted a week. the sun didn’t set for a while but it was so grey out that it didn’t matter. so onward & upward.

we leave in a week by car & will drive cross country with the four legged creature in the back. clothes for a week & some food. i am excited & nervous as i have never been in the city we are moving to. i am looking forward to seeing the other parts of the country. i am looking forward to driving thru some places & others not. Wild bison comes to mind.

but it should be interesting & i am looking forward to seeing the coffee culture there. it will be weird without the mountains or the snow. i am looking forward to the new places to check out & explore. it won’t get as cold either which will be nice. here comes the RAIN.

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