Month: July 2017

  • why hiking is

    good for you. i just came back from a 90 minute romp in nature with my husband. it was an important trip because he was frustrated & cabin fevered & the dog needed to go out. i think being out in nature clears your head & gives you a different perspective. i have hiked my […]

  • nearly 600

    entries. wow. how cool is that. to think i have written that much is awesome. even though my audience has been small i have not minded as i get to get better at writing through blogging. my life has changed alot in a decade. i was on the brink of homelessness when i began writing […]

  • here i am finally Back on a computer instead of using a phone to blog and it´s really refreshing. to see what i am writing on a regular screen instead of guessing on a small one. this past week has been really exciting-first i thought i´d lose teeth. i didn´t!! then we took a car […]