stepping into the past

so this week we did some cleaning up of my grandmother’s house, it was stepping back in time. her old flowers were dry & the kitchen filled me with memories. all the Summer’s we would sit around the table eating salmon & egg every morning. it wasn’t just some regular old salmon, it was from the fish hall & she would make an omellet to go with it.

the living room was filled with old pictures of all her grand children scattered all over the room. it still smelled like her, her perfumes sitting by the front door. her favorite lotions still in her bathroom cabinet. i remember Summer’s where the house would be filled with the whole family. cakes where in every corner.

we would run around the neighborhood, playing & running around the city where she lives. sitting by the fountain eating ice cream & people watching. she is still alive kicking at nearly 100.

she celebrated her birthday recently & it was fun to be there helping her celebrate a milestone. her room was filled with flowers for weeks afterward. i am grateful for the sweaters she knitted for me over the years & her kindness. it’s awesome to be related to such an old fierce woman that i have always admired.

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