Kiruna & the Icehotel.

so last weekend we went to Sweden & had a blast @ the Icehotel. we went on some rather dull hikes around Kiruna but the highlight of the trip was the dinner we ate outdoors @ a camp ground with a guide & chef.

the price tag was ridiculous but the experience was priceless. it was complete karma that we made it & got the dinner. although our company was referred to Google after endless questions anyone should know. i was not fond of the selfie stick on the river boat or that they took pictures of our guide & us without asking permission. uncool. but as usual i transgress.

Kiruna was beautiful as was Abisko which we drove through on the way back. i also found a smashing barista that knew what to do with the milk. in a old beautiful house in the middle of Kiruna. the sun was out the whole weekend & it was warm. the weatherman had predicted rain. glad he was wrong.

the Icehotel was fun, drinking out of ice is a real experience in -5 C. crew @ the hotel was really cool & did everything to make things great for us. even though we stayed every night somewhere else they did a great job which says a ton of the hotel & their staff.

we didn’t have the chance to see the iron\ore mine but we had a great time even though we didn’t go on the tour. it’s really a shame that they are going to tear down that cute town just because of iron\ore. so hurry up & go see it before it happens.


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