sommer toget(summer train)

how is that NRK, the Norwegian broadcast service manages to grab active people to sit & watch sommer toget. it is fascinating as you see all aspects of Norway from the small villages to the bigger cities. a few years back they followed hurtigruten along the coast & it was really fun to watch.

this it is the train complete with a stage & compartments for the hosts to sit & watch the view as they come into towns where everyone is waving a flag & is happy to see them. even in downpour & wind. people are out to greet the train.
between stations they have informative history of the rail line & who, what & where happened there.

if you don’t follow it through out the day you can catch up at night & see where they are. in each town they talk to the Mayor & they get to advertise for their community. really fun to watch. they began up North & have moved South the last few weeks. the train is on Røros rail line heading in a direction i dare not say, guess you’ll have to watch.

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