why hiking is

good for you. i just came back from a 90 minute romp in nature with my husband. it was an important trip because he was frustrated & cabin fevered & the dog needed to go out. i think being out in nature clears your head & gives you a different perspective.

i have hiked my whole life-& really enjoy days where the weather is not perfect like today. the wind is howling & it is an onslaught of rain as you make your way through the mountains. there is not as many people out & so you have the trail to yourself.

a month ago i hiked the djevelporten in Svolvær-or the Devils port as it is known. we hit snow & difficult climbing conditions & where sore for days afterward but the feeling of accomplishment was immmense. like last year when my husband & i hiked Mt. Pilchuck in Seattle. the conditions where really good that day but the amount of unprepared hikers was scary. no water or proper shoes. the list is endless.

hiking in Norway is different because most of the time the people you encounter are prepared sometimes over prepared even for small hikes in the neighborhood. we like to carry water & have some sort of nourishment with us as we hike or when we take a break. today, i am happy to report we beat the rain as i look out the window it is really coming down.

remember next time life gets you stressed-get outside!!

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