nearly 600

entries. wow. how cool is that. to think i have written that much is awesome. even though my audience has been small i have not minded as i get to get better at writing through blogging. my life has changed alot in a decade. i was on the brink of homelessness when i began writing & writing kept me sane when i was in the women´s shelter for nearly a year. oh the Drama there was.

being homeless for a summer has taught me not to take people for granted. i like having things but also realize that i can give them away & still be okay. like those really expensive hiking pants i found yesterday. we can afford them but it´s not a priority. Food, shelter & electricity comes first. the rest can wait.

i began writing in the summer of 2007 on an now defunct acer-Laptop. boy how things have changed. now i have something much sleeker & less clunky. but that acer was the ace a decade ago. i thought it was fast-well for it´s time it was. i would blog in my favorite cafe´s, sipping on 8 oz latte´s while i people watched & wrote.

i have gained weight since then & changed my hair-my way of thinking. but alas that also comes with age. so if you are bored on some sunday afternoon feel free to read my Archives from that year i am sure you will find my funny. as i was very dramatic. when you have women coming up to you & saying they are going to own the clothes you are presently wearing it does NOT make one feel good. but i got some good friends from that time & i am grateful to have lived through it.

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