here i am finally Back on a computer instead of using a phone to blog and it´s really refreshing. to see what i am writing on a regular screen instead of guessing on a small one.

this past week has been really exciting-first i thought i´d lose teeth. i didn´t!! then we took a car trip for the day to Tromsø and walked around for a bit. it was fun, it had the college town feel among throes of tourists.

the road there was lovely in the morning as there wasn´t a rain cloud in sight & then on the way back we hit the rain but it was okay. the road way was wide so it was not a big deal.

here i am writing again and my husband is working on stuff around the house. just like in Seattle. oh Yeah and we have rain. lots of it. which is okay because it feels like the PNW.

other than that i found smashing hiking pants today for mere $200…no i didn´t buy them but it would sure like to. they where cool. Fail this week was attempting to buy shoes from the internet that was not zappos. i have to return them such fun….not. hope everyone has a fab summmer and will write again soon. promise.

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