The global refugee

I don’t know what to write, my mind is awe of what is happening globally. As a history major in college what is happening is history on repeat. Nixon, LBJ comes to mind. They were racists with an agenda. 

I thought the last 2 years we had come really far, globally & socially. Turns out our clocks have moved closer to doomsday by a mere long 30 seconds. News has become “fake” & misogynistic bloggers with Twitter accounts hacked the election by misrepresenting the facts. 

There are now as many protests as there were during the Vietnam War. People with legitimate visas are being discriminated against because of religion, sounds like World War II to me. 

We’re back tracking at a rapid pace & the foundation that America was founded on is being erroded. The alt right has gained momentum it hasn’t had since the 1930’s. Racism, facism & the powerful elite claim they are taking back their countries from people fleeing rubble with nothing left to stay for. 

I am scared of what the future holds, people of all colors have a voice & by marginalizing them we will turn the world upside down.

It will be a financial doomsday of the likes no one has ever seen & no country will be immune or above it. The start of this has already begun in America, soon it will spread, the question is only how long will it take for the world to become a refugee?

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