zune is a decade

I know everyone listens to music on their phones now. But I am old school & listen to my zune. It was supposed to be the rival to the iPod another relic long gone.

I have great music it on it & it never drains the battery on my phone or make it hard to call. It fits in any pocket & it’s light. If the world crumbles my phone is dead I’ll still have music. A comforting thought. 

My music is eclectic, a little inxs, Slumdog millionaire, coldplay, James, aha some techno beats like chemical brothers, massive attack, Crystal method. In case I want to cross train when it’s not an ice sheet outside.

I am not impressed with streaming services, if you get to your favorite song & you’re running errands you miss it. Lame. Hence, I’ll stick to old school for now. 

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