Month: January 2017

The global refugee

I don’t know what to write, my mind is awe of what is happening globally. As a history major in college what is happening is history on repeat. Nixon, LBJ comes to mind. They were racists with an agenda.  I thought the last 2 years we had come really far, globally & socially. Turns out…

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Sea of voices

I am so impressed with what took place on January 21st globally. The sea of pink even up in Antarctica.  People are paying attention & speaking their minds; some who haven’t done it decades.It reminds me of the chemical brothers song “galvanize.”  Propel forward & don’t let anything/anyone stop you for being the voice of…

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Dear America,

After over 30 years together I feel like I need to end things with you. You’re no longer who you say you are, it’s like you have changed. Really since when was the tanning booth better then your people or even me? You are acting like another country, I am sure you know who I…

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