part 2 of globalization

I’ve been thinking about what I wrote yesterday & wanted to add some good things about globalization. The AIDS epidemic in Africa has slowed due to big pharma used their medication for good.

Medications are easier to obtain globally if you need them. We have doctors without borders that travel the globe using their medical training where it’s most needed. 

The flip side thanks to air travel is that our world has shrunk considerably since the 80’s & even earlier. We now have WiFi on planes & in our homes. The landline has become a relic giving us Skype. 

More companies are doing 1% for the environment; thanks to it being started by one of my favorite global companies Patagonia. In my beloved Seattle I could get my favorite Scandinavian & German treats in less than a day. 

There are pluses to globalization as much as there’s the bad. Next time you shop, think before you buy because the $$$ you spend may not stay in your community but cross oceans.

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