global i zation 

Maybe you enjoy McDonald’s when you travel or maybe a cup of Starbucks; or a banana? On second thought maybe a PepsiCo/Coca Cola. 

They where the first things to be globalised. You can find them everywhere, is that a good thing like watching Star Wars, or Love Actually because it’s Christmas. 

I can remember in the 80’s when McD opened up in Russia or China. How it made the news. The global branding is ruining cultures, it’s not just American products but any company with muscle like the Trump brand. 

I remember when I learned of the banana wars in the 90’s between 2 global companies that wanted the world market so they sweetened their product by genetically modifying it to please European & American markets. They learned which market wanted them green & which wanted them yellow. 

A few years ago when I was in Germany every train station but one had a Starbucks & people stretched out the door. I wasn’t impressed rather dismayed & now they ‘re in Italy. Sad. As espresso is the heart & soul of that culture. 

Next time you shop do you shop global or local to your country? 

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