Month: December 2016

  • A white Christmas

    The snow sparkled as it fell Christmas eve. Quiet & beautiful. As we walked back into town there was no cars just quiet snow decorating. A few days before it looked like we wouldn’t get a white Christmas just a wet & muddy one. Then the snow showed up dancing in the air turning everything […]

  • part 2 of globalization

    I’ve been thinking about what I wrote yesterday & wanted to add some good things about globalization. The AIDS epidemic in Africa has slowed due to big pharma used their medication for good. Medications are easier to obtain globally if you need them. We have doctors without borders that travel the globe using their medical […]

  • global i zation 

    Maybe you enjoy McDonald’s when you travel or maybe a cup of Starbucks; or a banana? On second thought maybe a PepsiCo/Coca Cola.  They where the first things to be globalised. You can find them everywhere, is that a good thing like watching Star Wars, or Love Actually because it’s Christmas.  I can remember in […]