i am back!!

hi, everyone who still reads this blog i am back!! i took a writing block vacation. i was told by a resident a few years back that my blog was interesting and a good learning tool. well, coming from someone who functions quite normally this was a surprise.

i am happy to announce that we have a new dog who is adorable but very co-depent so if he starts whining i may have to quit writing. my marriage is good–we go out to the parks when the forecaster says it will rain and be windy and enjoy the weather for all its glory.

i have left nami something i was first really sad about but i could have contributed more than in the ways they had me there. so, i am looking for a new place that i  can make an impact(more than just answering the phone.)

i have a great team that takes care of me and am grateful that i have very few symptoms but can recognize when i do have them.

that’s it for now-will be coming back next week. stay tuned.

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