the loss of Sniffy

it’s beautiful weather out but i am feeling sad and lonely after Sniffy died in my arms a month ago. he kept me company got me motivated to go outside everyday even when it was raining. i miss his paws walking all over the house and how he would celebrate when we would come home. he was adorable running around in circles and squeaking his favorite toys. he was our alarm clock and he would tuck in and come to bed with me when Greg would stay up late.

he loved riding in the car and loved it when we took him to parks. one of his last trips was out to a trail system not far from us. he walked the whole way up but we had carry him on the way down. he wanted shorter walks in the neighborhood and would turn where he wanted us to go. Sniffy was a big part of our lives.

when i was pregnant a few years back-before we got the bad news Sniffy would follow me to wherever i ended up puking and stand and be concerned until i told him i was okay. he saved my life 7 years ago when i felt i had hit rock bottom walking Sniffy everyday was a small and comforting blessing. the house is quiet without him.

the roughest part for him leaving us was that he died in my arms-he took a few labored breaths and then he was gone. my favorite part of Sniffy was his smooth and soft ears and how he would let me pick him up and kiss him something he let me do to the end. the days just aren’t the same without him. i will miss him for the rest of my life.


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