it’s been more than a year since i have blogged and i recently discovered why. since i got sick 2 years ago while traveling in europe i have re-hashed and over thought everything that happened. i have even done the same thing with my spiraling last year around christmas. it’s hard some day to think clearly when your mind is bogged down with negativity and re-hashing the past which no longer can be changed.

so i am going to try something new write everyday on my blog no matter how short or long. i am even thinking of writing poetry again something i haven’t done for 7 years. living with a mental illness is challenging and trying to clear a path through my brain when it’s all gobbled is even harder. i am going to try to stop the playbacks in my head and instead focus on here and now. not what has passed that can’t have a do over. i guess you only live once and focusing on the present is what i am going to do.


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