Month: November 2012

In Conclusion

If you are having a bad day and someone is having a tougher time realize that One in Four people are walking around undiagnosed or have refused medication for their illness. Having a mental illness doesn’t mean you are Less it means you are more. Creative, smart and talented. There is nothing wrong with having…

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fear and mental illness

i have been crippled the last week with fear of the everyday-from taking local transportation to welcoming my husband back at the airport. it’s hard to live with fear because it can become crippling and the only way i find to move past it is to move through it-whatever it may be. being fear can…

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imagining the worst

all my life i have been plagued by the thought that harm will come to me in some form or another. it’s something i have been battling my entire life-and i am always surprised when things don’t go bad and things turn out okay. i know it’s hard for my husband to deal with me…

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