this is my first poem in 5 years. hope you like it?

the bridge is to the future is littered with fear.

fear comes to me on my dreams; causing my mornings
to feel long.

the bridge to the future is littered with hope.

i see hope in the movements of the tree’s,
mountain peaks slowly covered in snow.

the bridge to the future is littered with love.

love that comes in the form smiles and acceptance.

Cecilie E Roaldset 10/29/12


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I am a 46 year old writer and poet that just published my first collection of poetry called Greylight. I live by 3 simple rules everyday, live, laugh, love. I currently live in Norway with my husband and our dog. I adore people watching and seeing how others see the city I now live in. I hope you enjoy reading and if you ever have any feedback all is welcome.

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