day by day

in the past week i have been thinking about my inpatient care as well as my out-patient. i have a court ordered LRO meaning i have to attend meetings for the next 3 months and risk being taken back into the hospital if i don’t. on the order it says nothing about medication, groups or case managements duty to me while i am on it. there seems to be too many loop holes in a document handed down from a judge.

something that makes me anxious about following the very lose guidelines i am given and my 23 year old case manager who seems to green to know what to do.

i was diagnosed yet again with a diagnosis that is as far from how my daily activities are that i am not going to mention it in this post. however, the girl that did my intake failed to do the psych screening in the meeting i had with her. she claimed i was to with it to be bothered by doing it. the same issue while i was in the hospital was that no one did a psych screening between the two units i was in.

there’s definitely need for reform on the court order i have as the system are talking to each other something that’s clearly not happening now.

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