Month: October 2012

  • untitled

    this is my first poem in 5 years. hope you like it? the bridge is to the future is littered with fear. fear comes to me on my dreams; causing my mornings to feel long. the bridge to the future is littered with hope. i see hope in the movements of the tree’s, mountain peaks […]

  • day by day

    in the past week i have been thinking about my inpatient care as well as my out-patient. i have a court ordered LRO meaning i have to attend meetings for the next 3 months and risk being taken back into the hospital if i don’t. on the order it says nothing about medication, groups or […]

  • finally home

    today was a sequence of twists and turns and unexpected joy; i just came home from the hospital after being in there for nearly a month. i was shaking when i received my belongings and was nearly overwhelmed when my husband came to pick me up. after i came home i was filled with great […]