Why King County is going broke

I am sitting at Metro office and there are people in the disability card line that can afford to ride the bus but don’t pay for it every month. Which means they are doing committing a felony. King county and the Feds should have plain clothes in the Metro office to bust people who are not disabled. I think this should be a new law. Thanks for reading the blog and remember take notes.


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I’m a writer & poet in my late 40’s who published my first book of poetry called Greylight a few years back. I live by a simple motto Live Laugh Love & show gratitude for each day. I currently live in Norway with my husband & our dog. I am working on a new book, release date is in the future. i am looking for artists with a modern view to represent my new body of work. I can be reached at cecilieeroaldset@gmail.com. Thank you for reading my work.

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