Zoka Roasters are Back

hi Everyone, I am grateful to be back after a hellish and delightful vaca in Germany. Today I met one of my favorite coffee roasters here in the city of Seattle. He is the owners of one of the original and best coffee houses here in Seattle. My favorite location is the one in Wallingford-it’s his starter spot.

I am a true believer in 8 oz or less-if you are drinking premium coffee it should NEVER be more than 8 oz the die hards only drink about 3 oz of espresso only. Zoka should savoured as it has great chairs and light windows-the outside is filled with a bench that stretches the entire outside of the building for those not so rainy days and when you may want to linger.

The owner has begun buying single origin from the source and is currently carrying a very good selection of the day. Spend your money wisely in this turbulent economy and feed the local locations. Buy spending your money where you live you can create a economic change.

Thanks for all the welcomes home and for the safe passage although slightly turbulent I am forever grateful!



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