Month: September 2012

How to Spot Street Drugs

I am currently taking street drugs masked as mood stabilizer. In the 90’s there was a law passed in the US that all medication had to have a coating on them including pain killers and vitamins. If you are ever given a powder masked a tablet report it right away. I am currently taking a…

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Zoka Roasters are Back

hi Everyone, I am grateful to be back after a hellish and delightful vaca in Germany. Today I met one of my favorite coffee roasters here in the city of Seattle. He is the owners of one of the original and best coffee houses here in Seattle. My favorite location is the one in Wallingford-it’s…

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The silent protest

I have Now been detained for over 2 weeks. Other people may have freaked out I am resolute to stay calm. The wonders of a institution hallway can lead to some interesting sights. For example we have our residental homeless guy who took this gig so he could sleep at night. We have garden variety…

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