Looks can be deceiving

Here I am in Kestelbach outside of Frankfurt in what I thought was a high class establishment. However, when I saw the Fake Ben&Jerrys menu and was given a 2 pound burger it no longer had Any class.
The hotel going by the name of nH is connected to the private airport outside of Frankfurt. Meaning it caterers to the very wealthy. However, that’s Not what I saw at dinner. There where most as my cousin calls it Fake rich. Bad acting too but won’t go into who.
The bed is too soft, privacy curtains are too heavy and the hotel has paper thin walls. Hence, fake hotel. The pillows are 50 cent China crap but the bedding is actually world class.
For 700 Euro a night place the mini bar was the creepiest, they had tucked in a Ritter the German equivalent to Hershey in the fridge and in the shelves there was potato chips and peanuts. YUCK.
I don’t eat anything from mini bars in general; it’s couch potato food and they charge you for it. Lame especially for such a “fancy” place.
The shower was okay but gross towels with fake emblem on it was too much. The safe is not only a fake but not in a secure location.
For such a high end place they are also missing these items, slippers, bathrobe and high end soap. If you fly into Kastelbech avoid this hotel and stay at the W Frankfurt.

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