Month: August 2012

  • Day 24

    Last Fall I took a month long trip visit family in both Norway and Sweden. The high light was spending time with my family for future trips. The last month in Germany has felt odd. My favorite meeting was this local roaster of coffee and connecting him to contacts in Seattle. The other my discovery […]

  • The week ender

    Here I am missing dog and espresso machine..the sky cleared however and so far it hasn’t been such a bad day. A few Germans that feign they don’t English and crap. Now, it’s the wait/see with getting out of here. Wish I had packed more clothes so I will have something nice wear. This wasn’t […]

  • Flip Side

    Forced 2 days forced to take medicaton that’s bought online creepy. I also ran into German cop that will be Germans silence of the lambs. He also nearly took off my arm. I was placed tile room, i was tired so I just slept..then I had the ambulance from.hell..Had haldol induced last.night and they where […]