Brothels of Berlin

I just spent 2 awesome days at one of busiest brothels in Berlin. Last night alone I heard the doors open 6 times before 1am.
How do you spot a brothel in a Euro city, look for greasy business men in cheap suits, fake organic breakfast and ugly, cheap pine furniture from Ikea.
Another tell is the Fugly landscape pictures hanging on the wall.
Outdated TVs and of course the grossest aspect the shower boxes & nasty soap dispensers(room 106) at Hotel twenty six.
Another tell is the made in China espresso machines and hookers working there that don’t know hoe to use one. With Hotel twenty six the deadly construction site and deadly walk to the reception is another. The hipsters are nice but make sure to have your authentic Toms with you in a boring color blue.
The best way to see Berlin is to walk, we found a wonderful and eccentric neighborhood by following the pink sewer pipe.

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