Appreciating Friendships

Many things have transpired the last few weeks. Among my short lived marriage & the hope for a new start. Am currently in a grossly decorated room filled with Ikea furniture that doesn’t match for me being in Germany or this hotel.
Have to thank my parents for psych ward feel, however with all the listening devices I was forced to unplug all 50 cent small lamps she’s put everywhere in the room. The creme de la creme is the camera in the TV. Guess he really wanted to document my downfall. However

I suspect it will be his.
I have always known from a young age that they where bad people but the planning that went into this is astoundingly scary. No wonder he wants my disability benefits and who can forget the life insurances policies he has in my name.
I am not remotely surprised sitting in *fake* German Ikea room that they threw together, because I saw it coming when I was 23. My guess is that IF he can’t do it in Europe he’ll do it Seattle. However knowing people who are not enticed by money helps because they’re Ethical when I know my parents have NEVER been.
You learn at a young age when your parents don’t love you or want you. For me I was 2 and remember my dad’s stale alcohol breath screaming drunk at me and holding my wrists till they nearly broke. Since then I have known..When he twisted my neck till I lost consciousness and all my crazy, unstable mother did was watch I have been told by social

workers and the police that my father the abusive Schwein would try again.
So here I sit in this fake psych ward room in Berlin grateful for the friends I do have because to me my friends have always been my family; not my nuclear one. Shame Narvik has become so dangerous for me but I will always have it in my heart till it’s safe to return. Please pray for me until I am safetly back in USA. 

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