reclaiming my 4.6

it’s been a few months since i have cycled off my medication & it’s wonderful to wake up before 8am without my medication making the beginning of each day so cloudy. the rewards have been worth it-we have painted a majority of the downstairs & are doing the living room next. i had the opportunity to meet the national office of an non-profit i volunteer for during a convention a few weeks back & enjoyed learning about the advances connected to PTSD.

the other thrilling mini-victory i have had is reclaiming my 4.6 loop in the northern part of the city. seeing the beauty of the mountains & the splendor of the boats are worth it. interval training is something i have done for most of my life & coming back to it was easier than thought now that my nerve injury caused by an abusive ex has finally healed. i working on stepping down on the ball of my foot rather than the heel & am able to put away a little over 3 miles in less than an hour. now, my search is on for new music since i have an app that’s tracking the progress i am making.

my partner has been telling me i look good but they’re supposed to say that so i didn’t really believe him until i ran into a friend of mine recently who said i looked great. for the first time in all my years of interval training i have invested in the proper gear. synthetic, comfortable skorts & dare i say $50 t-shirts that are amazing! i even splurged & got the lightest rain proof jacket i have ever known that folds into its own pocket. i won’t stop running until late in the winter-bring on the weather!

i am taking a break from therapy after encountering the social worker with the magical feather-see prior post. when i return from strolling through the tundra picking cloudberries & eating way too much marzipan i will sit down & figure that part of the puzzle out. i know i will only be doing cash for my sessions because i believe that anyone in therapy should be respected enough to get their 55 minutes worth. being taken for granted for nearly 4 years is enough for anyone to seek a different solution; which is why i am taking a break & finally enjoying summer.


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