Month: July 2012

Brothels of Berlin

I just spent 2 awesome days at one of busiest brothels in Berlin. Last night alone I heard the doors open 6 times before 1am. How do you spot a brothel in a Euro city, look for greasy business men in cheap suits, fake organic breakfast and ugly, cheap pine furniture from Ikea. Another tell…

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Appreciating Friendships

Many things have transpired the last few weeks. Among my short lived marriage & the hope for a new start. Am currently in a grossly decorated room filled with Ikea furniture that doesn’t match for me being in Germany or this hotel. Have to thank my parents for psych ward feel, however with all the…

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reclaiming my 4.6

it’s been a few months since i have cycled off my medication & it’s wonderful to wake up before 8am without my medication making the beginning of each day so cloudy. the rewards have been worth it-we have painted a majority of the downstairs & are doing the living room next. i had the opportunity…

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