Month: June 2012

  • Recession Aggression

    in the past 2 weeks i have encountered what i call recession aggression where business owners think that it’s appropriate to harass Yelpers over unfavorable reviews, i also encountered the neighborhood slumlord who happens to unfortunately own a house right next to ours. when i say slum i don’t say that lightly-by refusing to provide […]

  • the magical feather

    so here it is after 3 years of being on-time for my appointments and 75-80% of time watching my therapist/msw show-up 10-30 minutes late i had enough. if you’re paying for someone else it is their job to be on-time period. if they are not here are some steps to change provider or fire your […]

  • the 25%

    in the recent week horrific things happened in Seattle. the day of violence i stayed glued to the TV not sure what i was going to with my day. the crime spree came a bit to close to where i live i decided that the best thing to do would be to stay home. it’s […]