20 years on the couch

well, i came to this conclusion last Fall but allowed myself to continue to see my MSW anyway. that’s until recently when i discovered that she had no respect for me or other clients she was seeing by constantly calling in “sick.” i had a high stress week last week & i called and asked to see her-the day of the appointment she had come down yet again with the “flu” and canceled my appointment. she had been canceling an appointment @ least once a month for the past 3 months & the last time i got upset in the office she told me that i the client had no right to be upset by her being unprofessional.

i have seen every kind of shrink since i could walk & talk & what i have learned is that it doesn’t make that big of difference in your life; i know it hasn’t in mine @ least not in the last 3 years. the best advice & counseling i received was over a decade ago with a exceptional trauma therapist who has taught me ways of coping with stress that i still use today. but what is a therapist/counselor anyway-i feel that the good therapists i have seen have taught me skills that i can use everyday.

living with a mental illness is hard-there are days that i feel self-conscious & days that something fazes me. however, i no longer see seeing a professional as the only way to cope. being active in the community helps as i volunteer for 2 different organizations & i always find a cafe to go & have a cup of coffee always lightens the mood. since i sometimes have anxiety i can either walk the dog or use the exercise bike in the living room. being able to pick up the phone & call also helps. i also like people who see me & not my labels or my issues.

the people that recognize you for who you are even with issues are your friends & will always be by your side the people that judge or treat your time as if it should be wasted are not worth having in your life. i am grateful for my husband & for the people that see the things i have accomplished rather than my failures. because all those things are a sign of love & that trumps bad therapy any day.

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